On the 11th March, just before we were all confined to our houses, we held a half day session with Peter Imray. Peter Imray specialises in SEND training and advice, and is a respected expert in his field.

After having to change location due to the large number of people wanting to attend we settled into Nettle Hill’s round room. Which ironically is rectangular and is more widely known as the venue for the Speed Awareness courses. (Or so i’m told)

Peter looked at and discussed:

  • Analyse how the National Curriculum, however differentiated this may be, creates tensions for teachers and children working significantly below their peers
  • Explore the introduction of a multi-tiered curriculum model that looks to cater for all learners who are consistently and over time working well below age related expectations, recognising that such learners can and do flourish
  • Look at, in some detail, Equals’ new Formal Curriculum (due to be published in April 2020), concentrating especially on teaching Mathematics and English to those who struggle with both numeracy and literacy.

Due to the numbers attending and that we could have filled the room twice we will be looking at inviting Peter to join us again for a similar half day session.